Successfully Marketing Your Drop Shipping Business

By: Andres Zamriver

Among the key elements of success in the digital marketplace is the ability to introduce your business to customers notwithstanding geographical or cultural boundaries. The magic in eCommerce is how it’s able to bring together all continents for one huge global agora.

We’ve previously discussed how to select your winning niche and products, as well as why you should invest in a drop shipping business, so if you’re ready to move on the next steps of creating a successful one, or need more reasons to establish an eCommerce trade, then keep on reading.

A lot of drop shipping entrepreneurs that are new to the business often find themselves getting frustrated because for the first few months after negotiating and finally settling with the right supplier and selecting a potentially massive market paired with evergreen and niche-specific products, they have difficulty acquiring leads and conversions.

This is the normal trend, especially for drop shippers who have opted to create a new website instead of joining Amazon or eBay. However, it’s also fairly easy to overcome. We’ve listed down several platforms where you can best showcase your brand to consumers and get ahead of competition.

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The Name of The Game
Competing in the digital industry means you have to put a lot of stake into creating an amazing first impression and getting noticed. This is particularly the case for drop shipping businesses, where you face the challenge of being among a sea of sellers who are after the same market, with most likely the same products you are offering. The answer to this dilemma? Hello, Marketing.

While it is true that if you’re a drop shipper with your own site you will need to work extra to bring in traffic, you also have the leverage of branding and packaging your products in a way that sets them apart from all the similar items floating around existing large drop shipping companies. Instead of getting lost in the blur of increasingly identical stock photos and repetitive product descriptions, invest in good ad copy and keyword-rich content that will compel prospects into becoming actual customers.

This will give your business a semblance of value, like it is a solution to a need and allow customers to feel as if your products have a “premium” feel to them. Combine this together with exceptional customer service and a reliable fulfillment partner, and your customers are going to end up not minding having to pay for a few more dollars for your items.

You’ve got your own website, and the best thing you can do other than using it as a platform to display your products is to make it an avenue for generating traffic to garner more customers. Organic traffic pertains to site visitors that land on your page without having to conduct paid search engine results.

Your best bet in amassing organic traffic to your site is by creating a blog page that you have to update regularly to show consistency. Organic traffic deals with Search Engine Optimization so you’d naturally need keywords to make it rank to Google’s first few items on the search page. Having a blog will increase the chance of customers browsing over other pages in your site, and subsequently, your products. 

To make this happen, just attach a convenient link from your blog post to your products page, without going out of context. This method of accumulating traffic will take some time to be considered substantial, but since you’re investing in this venture on a long-term scale, blogging to earn organic traffic is a worthwhile activity.

This method of earning traffic and conversions is proving itself to be one of the most effective ones available on the internet. The downside to it, however, is the need to pay for every visitor that is led to your website. Although looking at how the good management of Facebook ads can give you at most 90% conversion rates, it seems like a small price to spend for massive returns.

It’s also a good idea to establish a Facebook page as well since you’ll be using the channel anyway. You can use the page to link it back to your blogs, feature your products, and advertise your drop shipping business. Your Facebook page is an ideal medium to pick up reviews from your customers and continuously improve the level of service you’re offering in order to outplay competitors at every turn.

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Social media is a fantastic avenue for you to advertise your business. The great thing is, while you’re going to have to pay for some media and avail of others for free, whatever your choice is, there’s almost always a guarantee of leads conversion. There is a ton of other social media pages that you can use for free to advertise your products.

They can be an avenue to raise awareness and engagement when you manage to create relevant subjects that lead to user-generated content. Social Media advertising is an effective and a low-cost option if you’re on a tight budget. It is visual and allows you to easily communicate with customers, as well as reach new audiences.

Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are among the few most widely-used . You can use these platforms to give shoutouts to your drop shipping business and give light to what your products are. Tell your audience about what you do, what your business principles are, what’s in store for them when they get redirected to your website.

Also include your contact information and business address, as this will help prospects reach you. You can also use hashtags strategically to help customers share their experience with your products and service easier. Good feedback will encourage other prospects to try purchasing from your business.

It’ll be prudent for your drop shipping business if you create a template for newsletters that you can send out on a regular basis. As usual, it has to have a clickable headline that will capture the attention of your readers and will give you an opening to advertise your product offerings. Make sure to include an engaging call-to-action by offering coupons and discount offers.

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Wrapping it Up

There are several options for your business to make itself known in the online domain. You don’t have to put a ceiling on your drop shipping trade by sticking to just one marketing strategy. Facebook ads are extremely effective at capturing the audience you want to be led to your website, although they can be costly.

You can use them together with other campaigns to rake in more customers. Even your repeat customers can contribute to more traffic. You can create activities that will encourage them to highlight your products using their own social media accounts, and they’ll undoubtedly be more than willing to execute word-of-mouth to their circle of influence. 

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