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Here’s the Information You Need to Know How You Can Make A Bundle of Money Working As Much Time As You Want and Without Having to Do Any Selling At All…

Dear Friend,

Right now there is an estimated 100,000 companies willing to let you sell their products and keep 60-85% of the profits. These companies are ready to help you make money right away.

And the best part is: you don’t have to do any selling. We’ll do that for you.

You don’t even have to talk to anyone if you don’t want to. You can just refer people to your web store which we’ll build for you and the rest will take care of itself.

Here’s how it works.

Because of my knowledge and experience in the drop shipping and ecommerce business, I can show you how to buy thousands of products at way below wholesale price. What you need is manufacturers or dealers who are ready to give you these products at rock bottom prices and then you can pass them over wholesalers, retailers and consumers...and keep the profits.

That’s where you come in. All you have to do is advertise for these people and refer them to your webstore and the manufacturers or dealers will take it from there.

Now, you may be asking yourself “why don’t these companies do that themselves and keep all the profits?” That’s a fair question. They could do that. But they will have to setup thousands of webstores to effectively sell their products. They will have to hire people to place and track tons of ads. They'd have to manage those people. And they'd have to invest money into the advertising – money they could be investing in buying more raw materials and building better products. Or, I could show entrepreneurs like you how to refer dealers for me and share the profits with you. That’s what I’ve decided to do. I’m an entrepreneur myself and this is my way of giving something back to others who are enterprising and want to make a bundle of extra money.

I know you will find my profit-sharing plan very generous. (go to page 2) For each person you refer to us who becomes one of our dealers, we’ll pay you $100.00.

For every product sale these dealers make, whether they sell the products to someone else or buy for themselves, we’ll pay you 10% of the sale.

And if YOUR dealers refer other dealers for us, we’ll also pay you 10% ($21.00) of the price of the business package for every new dealer we sign up.

Here’s An Example of How Much Money You Can Make

Let’s say that over a period of a year you refer 200 new dealers who call our toll-free number and buy our business package. You get $100 for each one. That’s $20,000.00.

Now, before continuing any further I want to assure you that you will get credit for each new dealer you refer. When they call the Toll-Free number, they have to enter your ID code before anyone will answer. This assures that you will get credit for this dealer. From then on, all the business they generate will trigger commissions for you.

Continuing on, let’s say that out of the 200 dealers you refer only 10% of them (that’s only 20 dealers) actually take up the business seriously. Even if they only average $10,000 each in sales a year – not a very large amount – that’s $200,000.00. We’ll then pay you another $20,000.00!!! That’s your 10% of their sales. So far, you’ve made $40,000.00. But we’re not done yet!

Now, let’s say that of the remaining 180 dealers who are not taking this seriously, they buy merchandise for themselves or as gifts, just to get the low, low prices they can’t get elsewhere.

Our prices are so low that many dealers sign up just to buy for themselves. And let’s say this amounts to a little over $100 per year per dealer, average. That’s another $20,000.00 in sales. We pay you 10% of that, or another $2,000.00!!! But we’re not done yet…

Now let’s say that out of the dealer you refer to us, 10% (20 people) of them are as industrious as you and refer 200 people each. That’s 20 dealers referring a total of 4000 new dealers.

We pay you $21.00 for each one of these for a total of $84,000.00!!!

Now, let’s add up the totals.

We paid you $20,000.00 for referring 200 dealers, another $20,000.00 on the sales of the active dealers, another $2,000.00 on personal sales of part-timers, and finally, another $84,000.00 on the referring efforts of your dealers. That totals, an amazing… $126,000.00 for YOU!!!

Where else can you make this much money this easily? And without having to do any selling.

And that’s not all. As a bonus for being one of our referrers you get to also buy at our "below wholesale” prices.

Just take a look at some of these prices and you’ll see for yourself the kind of bargains you and your dealers are getting…

  • check
    8-piece Steak Knife Set with Lifetime Warranty. $37.95 retail. $16.25 wholesale. Your price, only $9.48. Your profit is $6.77 each at wholesale and $28.47 at retail!!! Sell a couple dozen sets at a flea market and make an easy $150.00 just from this one item.
  • check
    Grandfather Clock. Stands 6'4" tall. $599.95 retail. $235.45 wholesale. Your price, only $144.33!!! Sell this at halfretail and still make $155.64 each.
  • check
    4-piece Scissors Set with Lifetime Warranty. $16.95 retail. $7.52 wholesale. Your price, only $2.85!!! You make $14.10 on each set you sell at retail and $4.67 on each set you sell at wholesale. With prices like these you can see just how easy it is to make money.

 Here are a few more…

  • check
    Large Waterproof Insulated Ice Chest. Carries two 6-packs. $21.95 retail. $9.35 wholesale. Your price, only $4.55!!! At these prices you should be able to blow out dozens at a time and make some real money. Just compare these prices with what you can get at stores and you’ll see how good they are. That’s because when you are one of my dealers, YOU are buying at prices comparable to what the stores are paying.
  • check
    16-Function Camper-Style Knife with Lifetime Warranty. $11.95 retail. $4.85 wholesale. Your price, only $1.38!!! These make great premiums. You can sell companies on using them as gifts or premiums for customers when they make a purchase. Give them a “below wholesale” price of just $3.95 each and you could sell hundreds at a time. And you make $257.00 for each hundred they buy.
  • check
    Automotive Vacuum. Good for wet or dry surfaces. $21.95 retail. $9.85 wholesale. Your price, only $4.60!!! This would be a great item for any automotive oriented company. Or sell them at flea markets. You could easily move a lot of them at the $9.85 wholesale price and still make $5.25 each!!!
  • check
    Two-piece Stainless Steel Pen Set with Lifetime Warranty. $12.95 retail. $5.25 wholesale. Your price, only $1.93!!! Here’s another great premium/gift item that companies often use in the hundreds and thousands. And with the price you can get them for, you can sell them at an attractive price and still make good money.

These are not sale prices but actual prices you can get every single day.

And from time to time we make special purchases on limited quantity items. We’ll notify you about these on a regular basis. These are closeouts or special buys we make from stores going out of business who must sell at way below wholesale. We make them available to you as we get them. You’ll be notified once or twice a month just what we have, how many and the price.

These are excellent items to buy in bulk and move rapidly at a flea market or over the internet. You’ve seen people at flea markets and selling over the internet at way below wholesale prices. So, you know it can be done. Now you know where YOU can get the same kind of pricing.

The problem in the past has been that you would have to buy truckloads of one item to get a price low enough for you to compete.

Well, not anymore because now you can get this super belowwholesale discount pricing in any quantities –even one at a time -- by becoming a Johnathan Rich Dealer.

It’s Easy To Do…

Just fill in the enclosed application and send it with your dealer fee of only $210. Why do we charge a dealer fee? Several reasons, actually.

First, we want to make sure that we attract only serious dealers. Without this fee we would attract a lot of “wanna-bes” who would end up costing us a lot of money, without moving any product at all. It’s only when you have something invested in your future that you are likely to take it seriously enough to do something.

You know, to get this kind of pricing you would normally have to buy hundreds, maybe even thousands of each single item at a time. That would put thousands of your dollars at risk each time.

And you would only have a single item to sell.

By being a Johnathan Rich Dealer you have an entire line of hundreds of items that you can sell. And you can even order one at a time, if you wish. All we ask is that your order be for at least $30. That’s not much for anyone wanting to make serious money in this business.

Look At All The Different Types of Products You And Your Dealers Can Buy At “Below Wholesale” Prices:

Address/phone books

Alarm clocks

Anniversary clocks

Auto accessories







Business card holders



Camping equipment


Candy dishes

Car alarms

Car security bars

Car vacuums

Carry-on bags

Cassette players



Clock radios


Coffee makers


Cosmetic bags

Cuckoo clocks


Cutting boards


Diamond watches

Disposable cameras

Duffel bags

Emergency kits

Exercise equipment



Fry pans


Garment bags

Gold-plated items


Highway emergency kits

Hunting knives

Ice chests


Juice extractors

Key chains

Kitchen accessories

Kitchen tools


Laser pointers


Microwave sets



Mosquito repellents


Non-stick cookware

Office Supplies


Pen/Pencil sets

Personal alarms

Photo albums

Picture frames


Pocket knives

Pressure cookers


Salsa makers


Sewing machines

Shower accessories


Socket sets

Spaghetti cookers



Stovetop grills


Tape measures

Tea sets



Tool sets

Tote bags




Voice recorders


Another reason for the dealer fee is so we can provide you with the kind of support and training you’ll need to succeed in this business.

When you become our dealer, we send you our Complete Business Package. This gives you the Insider Secrets you’ll need to be a success. It also gives you membership into our Company Profit Sharing Program which is the part that allows you to make $100.00 on every dealer you refer to us and get 10% of everything they sell.

Of course, if you should choose to sell items yourself, you make even bigger profits.

In this big package we show you how and where to advertise to get results. We show you all the different ways you can use to refer dealers to us. And we show you how and where to sell merchandise yourself, if you want.

Here are just a few of the ways we show you to make money selling our “below wholesale” products:


Internet Selling

Consignment Selling

Flea Markets

Garage Sales

Home Parties

Wholesaling to Retail Stores

The package, in terms of the education you get from it, is worth a lot more than the price you’re paying. You could go to college and spend more than this amount for a one semester course. And I guarantee you won’t be getting the Insider Secrets that you will get from my package.

All in all, the value of this package should easily be worth ten times what you are paying – in terms of the knowledge you gain and what it will mean to you throughout your life.

Even one day at a seminar would cost you double this amount or more. And the real value is in what you can make by being industrious and following the guidelines in your package. We’ve already outlined what that can mean to you in terms of dollars.

Now it’s up to you to take the valuable Insider Secrets in this course and put them to use to make these figures a reality.

Turn the Page for Your EXTRA BONUS!!!

And to make this offer even more attractive, if you respond within the next 30 days, you will also receive our special CD Software Dealership. This Dealership gives you the right to buy our Reprint Rights CD at way below wholesale. This CD easily sells at retail for $97. Your price is only $3.00.

It contains over 600 reports, books and manuals covering business, personal and consumer subjects. Plus the person you sell these CDs to also receives the rights to reprint and sell these reports. Individually, each report, book or manual can be sold for anywhere from $3.00 to $30.00. Your customers might expect to pay a lot more than $97 for this. And that’s why they’re so easy to sell.

If you had to go out and acquire the rights to this CD, you’d have to pay $895.00. Then you’d have to get at least a thousand of them duplicated to get a reasonable price. But this is included when you become a Johnathan Rich Dealer within the next 30 days.

Another Extra Bonus!!!

And that’s not all. I really want you to succeed. So, I am also including our Secret Directory of National Classified Advertising Sources. This 125-page directory gives you all the secret information to be able to purchase classified ads throughout the nation for a fraction of what everyone else pays. For example, you could place a 25-word classified ad in 400 newspapers for just $360 – that’s only 90 cents per paper! And if you are very enterprising, you can even place classified ads for customers. In the above example, you would charge them 50% over the going rate ($360+$180=$540). Your profit would then be a cool $180.00!!! With all of this going for you, the only way you can fail is to not do anything with it. And if you’re not going to do anything with it, you shouldn’t become a dealer. But that’s why I’m charging $210. The way I figure it, if you invest some of your own money in becoming a dealer, you are much more likely to actually put my methods to work. And I know that if you do that, you will succeed. In fact, I guarantee it!!!


Just put my materials to work. Use the methods in my program. Give it an honest try for six months. If after that time, you’ve given it an honest try and haven’t made a profit, just let me know and I’ll refund your entire dealer fee and it will not have cost you a thing to give it a try. All the risk is mine.

Just one last thing. There is only a limited number of dealers I can accept into this program. After that, I will have to refuse further applications. So, you MUST CALL to confirm that there is space available.

You can call 24 hours and apply by phone and pay with any credit card, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. You should still call even if you are paying by check because you need to confirm that there is space left for you to apply. If there is, we’ll hold your space open long enough to allow your check to arrive in the mail.

So, do it now. Call, TOLL-FREE, 1-(888) 483-6820. You can also fax your order to 1-(602) 587-9437. For fax orders, you will be notified right away and your card will NOT be charged if we are at our limit of dealers. Act quickly so you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Call right NOW, while you have decided to participate.


Johnathan Rich

P.S. – Remember the example I showed you where you can make $126,000.00 without any selling or even talking to anyone on the phone. Don’t you agree that I was being conservative in my estimates of the number of people involved? That’s what makes this opportunity so attractive. We want to make it EASY for you to succeed and we’ll do everything within our power to help you when you join us. The first step is yours. You MUST call while we still have room left for dealers. Attention people outside the continental US: If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, you must have access to a fax machine. If you live anywhere else outside the US, you must have access to receive both faxes and email.


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