About Us

Dear Friend,

On behalf of myself, Andres Zamriver, and the 7Figure Strategy Team, we’d like to welcome you with open arms and tell you a little about us.

The team and I started this project with one sole purpose in mind, to help people, just like you become successful online entrepreneurs.

Each of us came from different backgrounds, not only culturally but also business-wise, and we came together to create a perfect formula for success.

The E-Commerce business model is the easiest most effective way to get started online, and tends to be extremely profitable, but only if done correctly. How do we know? We ourselves are making a great income from it and it’s not by luck.

Understanding that there are many factors that motivates you to venture in the Internet market is a key, and one of the main ones tends to be financial freedom-which is why we have dedicated time, effort, and money into developing the winning formula to help you kill it with the E-com Business.

E-Commerce, more specifically, the Drop Shipping model is our specialty and we are proud to say that we have reached our goals thanks to it.